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The UK’s first Money First Aid course – CPD certified

We’re launching the UK’s first Money First Aid course. In collaboration with the financial wellbeing organisation Money First Aid, this course supports managers and employees to discuss the difficult subject of finances. The course is CPD-certified and available to organisations across the UK.   Get in touch to bring Money First Aid training to your…

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Grief Awareness Week 2023

National Grief Awareness Week, 2nd – 8th December 2023 To support you and your teams this Grief Awareness Week (2nd – 8th December) and beyond we’ve joined up with three brilliant experts to create four bespoke grief workshops. We will all experience grief at various points throughout our lives – and at Elevate we believe…

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Suicide Prevention Day: Listening Can Save Lives

Suicide Prevention Day: Listening Can Save Lives The latest statistics show that in 2021, in England, 5,219 people died by suicide. That’s a rate of 10.5 people per 100,000. But suicide isn’t inevitable, and most suicides are preventable.   Suicide Prevention Day 2023 is marked on 10th September. This year’s theme is ‘creating hope through…

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world mental health day 2023

World Mental Health Day 2023

Mental Health is a Universal Human Right: World Mental Health Day 2023 World Mental Health Day 2023 is observed on 10th October. It’s a global opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of mental health. This year’s theme is  ‘Mental Health is a Universal Human Right’. And it highlights the need for everyone to have…

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Wellbeing training for leaders – why it’s essential

Wellbeing training for leaders – why it’s essential In our new training series for workplace leaders and managers, The Whole Leader, we teach your leaders and managers holistic wellbeing skills – and it’s not just us who are focusing on wellbeing training for managers. In 2022, the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommended that all businesses train…

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What to do AFTER Pride Month 2023

What to do AFTER Pride Month 2023   As LGBTQ+ Pride Month draws to a close for 2023, it got all of us at Elevate thinking about what companies should do next.    We decided to catch up with Chris Paouros, an independent business consultant and part of our team of experts at Elevate. She…

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Summer Wellbeing Promotion

Take advantage of our summer promotion – in June, July and August this year – for any two wellbeing workshops or wellbeing webinars booked, you can choose a FREE activity (from yoga to HIIT training to breath work to boxing fitness in the office or online).

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Workplace Wellbeing Trends 2023 – Report Findings

Workplace Wellbeing Trends 2023 – Report Findings We asked our clients what they believe are the priorities for their wellness strategy in 2023. In this report, we look at wellbeing trends, how people want to be supported in the workplace and the impact that this will have on employee retention. A key factor that is…

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Wellbeing Awareness Dates 2023

Here you’ll find all of the essential health awareness dates for 2023 you need in your diaries. At Elevate, we offer employee wellbeing sessions to support all of these key dates – be it as online wellbeing webinars, in person wellbeing campaigns or pre-recorded wellbeing content. Get in touch to speak to us about how…

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Women’s health – it’s time for a national conversation, including on all things gynaecology!

Women’s health – it’s time for a national conversation, including on all things gynaecology! “The impact of women-specific health problems on women’s lives are very visible to those of us working in women’s health,” says Dr Nadia Amokrane. She’s a consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist working in a South London hospital. She’s also part of Elevate’s…

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We’re hiring! Client Services Account Manager

Client Services Account Manager We’re looking for an exceptional Client Services Account Manager to join our small and dynamic team based in London. If you think you fit the bill and are looking for an exciting role, working with a hugely successful (we’ve won three awards in the past month!) employee wellbeing company, then drop…

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Celebrating neurodiversity in the workplace

Celebrating neurodiversity in the workplace What is neurodiversity?   The Oxford English Dictionary defines neurodiversity as “the range of differences in individual brain function and behavioural traits, regarded as part of normal variation in the human population.”   It covers ‘conditions’ such as dyslexia, autism, dyspraxia and ADHD.   How many adults are classified as…

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Chickpea and Lentil Curry

Curry and Lentil Curry Fancy something different for dinner? Why not try this healthy chickpea and lentil curry! Super easy, quick and delicious! Enjoy 🙂   SERVES 4   INGREDIENTS    1 tbsp of coconut oil 1 diced onion 3 crushed garlic cloves ½ tsp of garam masala 1 tsp of ground turmeric 1 heaped…

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How to reduce your cancer risk

Through simple lifestyle changes and engaging in screening programmes you can reduce your risk of developing cancer and improve your general wellbeing. Our specialist Gemma McCormick, an oncologist at the Royal Marsden shares her tips for reducing your risk:

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Real lifechallengesofaparalympian

The real-life challenges of a paralympian

Many of us look back at our adolescent years as a time of adventure, freedom and fun, but for one paralympian, Jack Eyers, his adolescent years were engraved with perhaps one of the life’s hardest challenges – having his leg amputated. Read Jack’s story and learn about the real-life challenges and successes of a paralympian.

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Pimp your Lunch

We know that people who buy their lunches out are more likely to consume more calories, sugar and salt each day. On top of this, the average lunch bought out could cost you around £35 each week – so by making your own lunch just three times a week you could save yourself over £1000 each year!

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Emotional Resilience workshops

Emotional Resilience: Can we Learn to be Optimistic?

Our ability to adapt to stressful situations and life events also known as our emotional resilience, is influenced by many factors including biological variables, self awareness and regulation, mental agility, optimism, flexibility and relationships. Elevate offer a series of resilience workshops which look at all of these factors in detail. One of the most popular workshops amongst the series is the Learned Optimism workshop – our Founder Lucy Faulks shares her top three take away tips below. 

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massage therapy

5 Surprising Benefits of Massage

Often we wait until we’re at the point of burnout, experiencing physical pain or have an injury before we’d consider booking a massage. Massages can feel indulgent, even selfish and we can end up criticising ourselves for not having the strength to deal with stress like our peers can. However, if we knew the surprising benefits of massage for both our mental and physical health, we might start viewing them as a necessity not just a treat.

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no more punishment

No More Punishment

Here at Elevate we don’t believe in quick fixes or detox diets. We also don’t believe in spending January (one of the coldest, darkest months) depriving ourselves of the things that make us happy and feeling like we need to punish ourselves for the indulgences of the holidays. Nope!

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Fad-free January

So, the Christmas hype is over… we have probably overindulged on both food and drink over the holidays (and quite rightly so) but feeling like we need to get our bodies ‘back to normal’ after all the ‘treats’ we have allowed ourselves. But let’s think about this for a minute; what
will you get out of a ‘detox’ diet or a calorie restricting diet, or even just a 3 day ‘juice cleanse’? I can confidently answer this question with the response ‘absolutely nothing positive’.

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Why it’s ok to gain a pound, (or 4) this Christmas

As a nutritionist I get requests every year from magazines and journalists asking me for tips and quotes on ways to ‘avoid the festive weight gain’ or for ‘guilt-free Christmas recipes’. And if your inbox and twitter feed looks anything like mine, it’ll currently be full to the brim with ‘survival guides’, ‘action plans’ and ‘strategies’ for avoiding the ‘dreaded Christmas weight gain’ (*unfollow).   Anyone would think that we’re preparing for going into battle, rather than entering the festive season.

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